What a Week in Reception!


What a busy week we have had in Reception. We have been on a Zipper Bus trip around Hereford and saw many interesting places. We were on The Green Horse Bus with apple seats. When we went back to school we drew maps and labelled the landmarks we saw on our journey.

Thank you to the kind people who moved seats to enable us to sit together and also our bus driver, who was just great. Thank you.

We were also lucky enough to visit Fries Before Guys where we were shown the kitchen where the food is prepared, looked at the ginormous fridges and huge cookers. We also saw the smoothie machine that had a lid that went over the top to make it quieter!

We then made our own combination of fries with a topping of three different cheeses and bacon. Oh, and of course, ketchup.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Hathaway for a fabulous fun morning.

We also dressed up as our favourite book characters and had lovely cakes from Little Red Riding Hood, thank you Little Red Riding Hoods Mummy and Daddy.

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