Behaviour and anti-bullying procedures at Lord Scudamore

We have high expectations for behaviour at Lord Scudamore Academy.  Our School rules have been developed with the children and are kept to a minimum. They are based on the principles of consideration and respect for self and others. The aim is for pupils to achieve self-discipline and develop their own sense of responsibility.


From time to time children fall out with each other.  How we deal with conflict is part of our social development.  At Lord Scudamore Academy we actively promote values and positive behaviour, which are the skills needed to work collaboratively and make a positive contribution to a team.

Bullying is different to the normal falling out and arguments children often have with their friends at play as they grow up.

It is the sustained intimidation of a victim that is emotionally carried out by a person or group in order to cause physical and/or emotional hurt. It can be a single, unresolved, intimidating incident or a series of intimidating incidents.  Bullying is a deliberate act, carried out to cause distress in order to give the bully (or bullies) the feeling of power status or some other gratification.

If incidents of bullying occur we will deal with them but we hope to create an atmosphere where bullies do not thrive and are a rarity. We will create this atmosphere by:

Encouraging Friendships

Building the Confidence of all Pupils

We have a detailed Anti-Bullying Policy and a Behaviour Policy, both of which can be accessed via our website for further information.

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