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Modern Foreign Languages


In Spanish the children develop the ability and confidence to speak with good pronunciation whilst developing an awareness of the culture. They acquire the ability to use language creatively, spontaneously and develop a passion for languages which we hope will remain with them as they progress throughout the school onto secondary school and beyond.

Spanish in Key stage one is predominately taught through singing, role play and conversations in groups or with partners, making themselves understood. They are also encouraged to read sentences and short texts to show their understanding.

Key stage two children are also expected to participate in group conversations and role play. They begin to show an understanding of basic grammar, write short sentences adapting the language they know to describe people, places, transport, festivals, celebrations to name but a few. The children use a wide variety of resources to support their language learning. For example, story books, online software packages, bilingual dictionaries and iPad software to record and watch conversations or role play activities.

“Valuing others – valuing ourselves”.

“Learning a language makes our minds stronger and more flexible. Using it gives us an entirely new experience of the world”.