Reading at Home


Reading is an important skill which aids learning in all curriculum areas.

We are dedicated to ensuring all children enjoy reading as well as become confident readers.

We understand the importance of creating parent partnership and have some information about how we teach reading in school and how you can support reading at home.

Reading at Home

Home Reading Books

Useful Questions to Support & Extend

Advice if Reading Becomes a Challenge

Reading records

Comments from parents are needed to let the class teacher know how a child is getting on with reading at home. Older children are strongly encouraged to write their own comments. Here are some suggestions of what you could comment on:

  • Did the child enjoy the book?
  • Can the child remember the story?
  • Is the child reading the text or just using pictures for clues?
  • Does the child understand the meaning of the text or are they just decoding the words?
  • Is the child confident to attempt new words?
  • Does the child recognise their mistakes and self correct?
  • Does the child recognise many key words?
  • Is the child aware of punctuation?
  • Is the child reading with expression?
  • How long is the child able to sustain reading?

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