Science and Computing Workshops in Year 3


Today, Year 3 were very lucky to have the opportunity to take part in a science/computing workshop. All children participated in three different, exciting activities. One was using VR headsets and looking at what you can do with a class VR. This included going inside the Amazon Rainforest, the Mars Rover, and hot air ballooning over Turkey. Another activity was to set up a track for Indi cars. We had different coloured tiles and we had to work out what they made the cars do. We then had to get them from green to red, using as many different tiles as possible! The last activity was controlling Spheros. We even had a go at playing football with them and changing their colour, speed and aims. They were hard to control at first, but after a while it was so much fun. As if this wasn’t enough, at the end of the session, they showed us how to fly a drone and even let some of us do some flips with it! Two of the classes were able to control the drones themselves.

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